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Adjustable Height Pedestals for Perfectly Level Elevated Rooftop Decks. Wood Deck DesignsWood DecksRooftop TerraceRooftop GardensTerrace DesignRoof TerracesPedestalRooftopsDecking 

Roof Decks & Balconies made with Buzon pedestals can turn underutilized space into a hideaway, a getaway or place to entertain others, get inspired or build community. Whether it is a private residence, public or corporate, or government space, Buzon Buzon pedestals under wooden terrace on balcony. PrevNext 

Adjustable Pedestal systems elevates, levels and uniformly spaces the paver and protects the substrates in such waterproofed installations as roof decks and promenades, terraces, balconies, patios, podiums, plazas, arenas and roof gardens. It is also ideal for roof garden walkways, for use as support pedestals or sleepers 

The slabs can simply be lifted up should the roof deck need to be inspected in the future for damage or leaks. ASP support pedestals are available from 35mm to 365mm high (the ASP EXTRA pads go to 380mm see below). im4. The headpieces and baseplates are identical across the entire range, so even when there is a 

Pedestal systems are used to support decking or pavers over a waterproofed roof surface. Made of high requirements. Each pedestal utilizes a patented threaded design, so the paving surface can be leveled precisely, and can be removed and reinstalled in case of roof repair. View Our Rooftop Deck & Terrace Gallery 

What is VersiJack . VersiJack is a heavy duty screwjack pedestal designed for floor, deck, paver, beam and bearer support. VersiJack is used in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens, plaza decks, sun decks, balconies, pool surrounds, podium landscapes and verandas. VersiJack  

VersiJack Deck & Paver Pedestal System Details raised pedestal pavers. See More. Paver pedestals; Paver support pads raised paving support systems. Diy DeckDeck PlansRooftop DeckTerrace GardenPool DecksArchitecture DetailsPedestalRooftopsGarden Ideas 

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Terrace pedestals DD PEDESTALS This is video presentation of decking pedestals system. Regulated height pedestals is great solution for roof ventilated terrace installation. Wooden decking panels are ready to use elements. With pedestals You can easily create space in your roof garden. Pedestals system allows to 

Pedestals for the support of paving slabs and timber or timber composite decking on green roof terraces. Terrace Pedestals 0 - 4: a black heavy-duty round-shaped screwjack pedestal, with height adjustability millimetre by millimetre. It is made of UV-resistant copolymer polypropylene and is able to bear loads of up to 1000 

Wallbarn offers solutions to installation of timber decking on balconies and roof decks with the development of a flat-headed and joist-headed support pads, By hiding such services away beneath the decking, the amount of space on the roof terrace or balcony available for the end user is increased, 

Roof Terrace design. All of our modular flooring systems are idea for roof terrace applications; our Levato paver system enables the creation of large roof terrace flooring areas which are completely level, regardless of the falls/gradient of the waterproofing system beneath. As an alternative to concrete pavers the Levato 

The pedestal supported decking or paving is ideal for those looking to minimise the height of a roof paving system. Find out about the key features here.

One thing to bear in mind when lying roof decking on a terrace or balcony is that the area needs to be completely flat and level. Sometimes this may not be possible in terms of getting the floor to be completely accurate. However, with the help of our new 'Self Levelling' pedestal range, you can have even 

Stills sequence of a roof terrace we installed using our 'Cascade' porcelain tile on Buzon pedestals.

From fully paved & bedded areas to pedestal supported rooftops, Bauder have vast experience in working with clients to design fantastic rooftop landscapes. Pedestal supported · Pedestal support decking and paving · Adjustable pedestals for all types of terraces and decking areas. Lightweight and cost effective solution