strong light weight flooring

Lightweight & Strong; Excellent stiffness; Typical sizes 1250mm x 2500mm - 1500mm x 3000mm. Larger on request; Skins: Aluminium, Steel, GRP, MDF, PVC Plywood, etc; Cores: Aluminium 3003 and 5052 Honeycomb,; Maintenance free options; Fully recyclable options. 'AluLite' Datasheet. Aluminium Honeycomb Panels.

Tuffloor Steel Flooring is ideal for domestic housing and house extensions. It supports a wide range of floor cladding and is a strong, long lasting, lightweight alternative to timber framing.

Their main appeal is that, being strong and lightweight, they can span 6m or more, without support from internal walls or beams. While they cost roughly twice as much as standard softwood joists, they be installed in half the time. Their superior rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio makes for easier handling, 

Strong, lightweight, insulation and sound deadening qualities especially useful for homes with more than 1 story to reduce the sound of walking upstairs. engineered wood flooring dancing floor laminate wood flooring dancefloor laminate floor. Sing insulated, engineered flooring is the newest concept in flooring, by using 

INEX>FLOOR from UBIQ is a multipurpose, strong and lightweight flooring material that can be used both in indoor and outdoor applications. INEX>FLOOR was first designed to be a substrate for the most commonly used finishes, such as vinyl, tiles, timber, and carpet - however, its versatility, flexibility and 

Get to the frame faster. Developed to help builders lay the sub-floor faster - Egger OS'Floor is a premium quality solution that's strong, light and can be installed during a range of environmental conditions.

Still the Lightest and Strongest in the Industry. Tricel Honeycomb panel products feature the highest rigidity and strength-to-weight ratio in the industry. TRIPANEL/CUSTOM is a component of an exceptionally versatile system suitable for painting, fabric covering, laminating, wallpapering, or carpeting on both sides.

Sing Core can provide the best structural foundation components that are lightweight yet stronger than steel pound for pound. You can have the best lightweight high strength floor system requiring very little structural support because the structure is already pre-built into the insulated flooring with no need for a sub-floor.

While it's rare to find a flooring surface stronger than concrete (and by no means is bamboo stronger than concrete), bamboo gives it a run for its money in weight-to-strength ratio. If you are looking for a reasonably strong, lightweight floor, bamboo might be a viable option. Durability. People instantly think of tile or marble 

Ardex high-tech flooring solution, LT-65 Lite-Tech, is engineered with the strength of portland cement yet weighs only 65 pounds per cubic foot -- less than half the weight of normal concrete. It is designed for deep-fill, lightweight applications where design constraints limit the amount of dead load that can 

I would try thicker plywood without the struts. A sheet of 1/2 inch should be strong enough. Sand the edges cleanly, add some wood filler where necessary, sand again, and then either paint it, or apply a couple coats of urethane to waterproof it 

FLOORING SYSTEMS. Empower Construction is the solid choice in lightweight construction, and our flooring systems are testament to this. Constructed from autoclave aerated concrete (AAC), our flooring systems are a masonry product that are strong and highly durable. The properties of AAC, such as its fire resistance 

The result is an incredibly strong yet lightweight panel which is ideal for incorporating into partitions, screens and floors. Mykon B Clear panels are manufactured on a bespoke basis to meet individual customer requirements. For more information, visit . Because it inspired me and give some threads to me - 2.

Sing Super Honeycomb is the world's only producer of lightweight wood veneer honeycomb core panels, wall panels, composite panels, and insulated flooring.

For elevated floors and specialty flooring needs, StonePly can help. The world's premier supplier of lightweight stone composite panels, StonePly offers custom designed stone flooring panels for all types of flooring challenges. Our real stone over aluminum honeycomb offers a strong lightweight flooring panel. Our super 

It is a cost effective solution for wet area construction, indoor & outdoor, and where light weight yet strong materials are required. MULTIPANEL is used in many building applications including facades, bulkheads, eaves, external cladding, waterproof flooring substrate, waterproof wall lining for wet areas and many more.