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Products Case. Bailey Wood Products Thermally Modified Wood Products. Thermally Modified Wood Products What is Thermally Modified Wood? Thermal Modification is the

Thermally Modified Ash. HDG is proud to be a Thermory dealer and include thermally modified ash among its durable, eco friendly wood products.

Thermally modified decking Thermally Modified Wood looks like a great technology and the Radiance Wood looks like it is beautiful with the One Time coating they put

The limitations placed on exterior wood furniture just improved with the introduction of thermally modified wood. No longer do woodworkers need to consider the

Manufacturing of thermally modified wood. A wide range of natural wood species. Articles with improved durability, the best deals for our customers.

Novawood maintains its quality in all climates and weather conditions. Novawood is … Ash lumber that has been thermally modified using high temperatures (1800

EcoPrem uses beautiful real wood; highly weather resistant, resistant to insects, mold, rot, decay; light weight and strong. No chemicals! Safe for Kids!

It is important to remember that Thermal Modification is a process. Not a brand. There are some woods that the process works terrible, and others that it works very well.

Cherry Forest Products. Cladding & Decking which distributes thermally modified wood redistribute Novawood thermally modified wood products into a

By combining heat and steam Ecotherm Wood turns wood into a new, vastly improved outdoor construction material. They produce thermally modified wood flooring, decking

Thermally Modified Wood Gun Stocks, Musical Instruments, Siding, Decking, and Flooring With operations in Montana and Maine, Hot Woods™ LLC manufactures thermally

Thermally modified wood is redefining the properties, features and applications of natural wood in a wide spectrum of residential and commercial applications such as

Thermally modified wood, also called heat treated wood, has been available since the mid 1990s in Europe, where it was developed as an environmentally friendly

high temperature Thermal Modification transforms the wood to a Thermally Modified Ash Decking. your thermal modification needs including decking,

Thermally Modified Decking It’s heat treated to be rot resistant sealer specially formulated for thermally treated wood ( He says

Bailey Wood Products offers thermally modified poplar lumber for siding, shutters, custom moldings, decking, millwork, flooring and cabinetry.