thin light weight decking

You might be thinking you want a skateboard that's super light and high-tech. Having the lightest skateboard deck available will help you ollie higher and give you more board control, but your deck will be more fragile than a beefier choice. That's the trade-off if you want the lightest skateboard deck on the 

A lightweight, high performance floor option using our C section steel floor joists and a timber boarding. Profiled metal decking with a structural concrete topping for thin floor construction applications. A lightweight roof deck using our C section steel joists and timber boarding, ready to recieve finishes and buildups.

performance lightweight deck options that lend themselves to accelerated bridge construction. (ABC). The innovative lightweight bridge decks will be modularized and prefabricated with highest quality control and quality . Consider thicker decks ( >8.6 inches) thin decks tend to crack more often (Xi, et al.,. 2003). 3.

THINFLOR™ will accommodate all wall systems including lightweight steel framing, structural steel, masonry or poured concrete, insulated concrete forms or wood framing construction. It is a proven, reliable, and cost-effective composite steel deck installed in almost 1000 buildings to date. THINFLOR™ is lightweight and 

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Concrete balcony decks to continue the solid feel of an internal floor out into the open. Drainage can be designed into the system to keep things neat.

Steel deck & composite metal flooring systems Max 4 Reinforcing sheets. MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets are die cut and specially profiled steel sheets used for reinforcing ultra thin light-weight liquid screed floors on top of (existing) wooden or other sorts of surfaces. The MAX 4 Reinforcing sheets are available in two variants.

The technique of the composite slab consists in the creation of a mixed structure of concrete and steel. The steel, whose behaviour in tension is very good, is used in the form of dovetail shaped decking, as a lost form for the placement of the concrete, and substitutes partially or completely for the tension reinforcing, which is 

DexSystems Outdoor Floor Systems™ is a durable decking technology for placing porcelain, thin gauged stone, paver grade material or mixed media placed in any orientation, 06150 Decking, Deck Tiles, Sheathing Sub Flooring GratedeX light weight floor system over wood joist framing supporting gauged tile.

The conventional composite beam, consisting of normal or light weight concrete, composite steel deck and a steel beam, is made shallower by replacing the steel beam section with a shallower (heavier) one. The concrete thickness over the steel deck is between 2½ inches to 4½ inches, and the standard 1½, 2 or 3-inch 

Metfloor 55 - Shallow composite profile. The ultimate in lightweight steel decking for all multi-rise applications. MetFloor 55 composite metal flooring. MetFloor 55 is is a traditional dovetail re-entrant shallow composite floor deck made from S350 steel. It is our most established steel decking system, highly versatile and 

A: (Scott MacHardy) I wouldn't think it a good idea to use any kind of concrete over wood deck materially like that, just because of the rot factor on down the road. . Q: Your advice to not use any lightweight concrete to use as a thin-slab for a radiant heating system contradicts the information on many websites, including,