tongue and groove trailer flooring

Lay a sturdy foundation with our premium sub-floor panels available in a variety of materials.

Q: What does a tng pattern look like? A: A tongue and groove (tng) profile is a joint made by fitting the tongue edge of a board in to the matching groove of the adjacent board.

The trailers were designed for a layer of tongue and groove floor boards to run front to back. These are around 3/4" and available from any timber merchant. The older Rice were not designed for ply and therefore had larger spans between the metal frame, according to my joiner friends this is too much for 

When we went to clean up the trailer for trade-in, we found that the last time we had used the trailer, the floor had fallen through beneath the mats. So we pulled back the mats and discovered broken tongue and groove lumber. At first glance, we couldn't figure out why they had used tongue and groove, because obviously 

For wood floors, oil-based paint is the easiest & readily available, but consider applying rubber truck bed liner, which also works well on aluminum floors. And about those composite floors—they are usually tongue & groove and will last longer than the trailer. But you still have to be concerned about the 

Rumber boards first appeared in horse trailers in 1992. The boards were designed to replace aluminum and wood floors covered with rubber matting. Board construction uses 100% recycled tires and plastics. The 1 ½” x 7” tongue and groove boards are installed running front to back in a trailer. They are 

We provide an alternative livestock rubber flooring to wood. With our, high friction, rubber board flooring your livestock will stay standing.

Our Truck Floors and Components offerings are available in Solid and Finger Joint options with the standard profiles such as Shiplap, Half-Lap, or Tongue and Groove (T&G). Finger Joint Truck Deck are products requiring special facility, skills, and experiences. We are one of the very few manufacturers capable of 

10 IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT CHEROKEE TRAVEL TRAILERS & 5TH WHEELS YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN COMPARING! 5/8" Tongue & Groove Plywood Flooring Flooring. Cherokee RV does NOT use OSB (compressed chipboard glue together) as their wood substrate flooring underneath the 

OHC offers durable and reliable platform flatbed flooring kits. Get more performance and mileage out of every truck body with our patented trailer flooring.

Apitong lasts longer for Truck Trailer Bed Decking. Apitong is better suited than any other wood in the world for trailer decking because of its durability, affordability and. COM A tongue and groove deck is a type of deck that can be repaired in the same manner as any other type of deck attached to your home. There is no 

Manufacturer of a variety of trailer flooring for the transportation industry, lowboy decks, outrigger planks, sideboards, flatbed flooring, step decks.

Truck/Trailer Flooring Our truck and trailer flooring are available in various species of tropical hardwood, such as Apitong, Balau, Kapur, Keranji, Kekatong, Merbau and other Malaysian hardwoods. Tongue & Groove is a joint made by fitting a tongue on the edge of a board into a matching groove on another board.

If a manufacturer uses side-to-side tongue and groove boards or worse yet, untreated wood, there is definitely a risk of rotten floorboards. At Double D Trailers, we use a 2x8” pressure treated yellow pine for all of our wooden floors. Brad explained, “So far, in 19 years, we have yet to replace board on a trailer we built with a 

Floored Tongue with Welded Tie Downs, $95, 48” Bi-Fold Tail Gate, $240. Solid Tongue & Groove Floor (10' Model), $250, 60” Bi-Fold Tail Gate, $290. Solid Tongue & Groove Floor (12' Model), $300, 60” Wide Side Gate (12' & 14' Models), $245. Solid Tongue & Groove Floor (14' Model), $350, 1200# Hand Crank Winch &