waterproof board made from recycled plastic material uk

Storm Board LLP is the board manufacturing relative of Protomax Plastics Ltd.Protomax are the world leaders when it comes to plastic board manufacturing technology.

Proven to be useful and durable, the materials made out of recycled plastic are used to make a lot of everyday items. The United Kingdom consumes roughly 4 million tonnes of plastic each year and it's estimated that 30% of plastics are recycled or recovered with subsequent Scaffolding Boards From Recycled Plastic.

Protects your counters and the environment; 100% recycled food grade plastic; Dishwasher safe; Ecosmart take-back program; Strong cutting surface. Compare with similar .. If not, get a bigger board), made of recycled materials, and can be recycled back to the company when they're tired out. A great solution to germs, 

We supply British recycled plastic lumber to trade, speak to the experts today in green materials. A Recycled Mixed Plastic Profile tends to be heavier than wood, and is made from the waste plastic UK homes and businesses throw away on a regular basis - plastic milk and pop . Also water proof and very easy to clean.

These plastic boards are made from 100% recycled plastic from UK household mixed plastic waste, offering a range of benefits over traditional materials. Sheet dimensions: The panels are waterproof and UV resistant as well as resistant to all bacteria, moulds and insects making them suitable for all types of construction.

The recycled alternative to plywood. Made from 100% recycled plastics. Suitable for the construction industry, agriculture & DIY.

Recycled Plastic Decking Fascia Boards for Kedeck. Matching colours Modular Decking manufactured in moulded recycled plastic sections with tongue and groove connections for easy, rapid installation. Durable and . Kedel's plastic decking made in the uk contains no wood, and lasts at least 5 times longer. Looks like 

Stokbord recycled plastic sheets and recycled plastic boards are manufactured exclusively by Centriforce Products, who pioneered the product design and application. Stokbord recycled plastic sheet is an extremely tough, durable, value-for-money board manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste, and now finds wide 

Kedel's Tear Drop Tongue and Groove boards/profiles will never rot, warp, splinter or crack. They are UV protected to the highest standard to minimise fading. A far more cost effective material compared to wood. Comes in various colours and is made from crushed recycled CD cases. Recycled Plastic Synthetic Wood 

It is fire, storm and wind proof and, being made of plastic, is naturally waterproof. The firm, Swansea-based Affresol, uses material that cannot be recycled any other way, to make panels that bolt together to create low carbon homes. Any plastic, from old patio chairs and tables to building fixtures and fittings, 

New building regulations require the use of materials with a reduced carbon footprint such as recycled plastic lumber. Recycled Plastic Planks 150 x 25mm - A popular profile used for raised beds, planters, garden edging, fascia boards, barge boards, and quayside buffers. Tough . Made from 100% recycled UK plastic.

Large range of plastic wood boards, plastic lumber, planks, posts and sheets in stock. We can ship small We stock a huge range of plastic wood from thin sheets, flexible planks and reinforced posts to sturdy beams and sleepers. We can ship or maintenance. Find Out More About Our Recycled Plastic Wood Products 

Reimagined Materials. Designed to Inspire. As a materials design and manufacturing house, Smile Plastics transforms waste materials into unique decorative panels for the architecture and design industry. Our striking products continue to inspire designers around the world. Waste made wonderful in Smile Plastics