what to do for scratches on vinyl fence

Automotive polishing and rubbing compounds can be used to fix scuffed and scratched composite railings and post sleeves. After working out scratches or heavy scuffing with rubbing compound, it may take a few rubs of polishing compound to match the sheen level of the railing. I usually can rub out the 

Clean vinyl fences with a sodium-bicarbonate-based cleaner. Bleach may stain the fence. Use a cloth instead of a brush so you don't scratch the surface of the fence. Wear safety glasses. 3. Cleaning metal fences. Cleaning metal fences - Repairing Maintaining Fences and Gates. Clean metal fences with a wire brush, 

The only DIY vinyl fence repair that actually does work (the photo above). There are many articles out there and youtube video's showing the best methods for repairing vinyl fence. As you probably also know by now if you have tried any of them, that these methods do not work. The reason I know this is because I too have 

Varsol works well for extremely tough scuff marks, and a soft brush can also help with tougher stains. Just ensure that you do not use a stiff brush as it could scratch your vinyl fence. Please note that if you have a tan vinyl fence, you will not want to use a solution with bleach and we recommend testing any cleaning agent on 

If you experience grass or mud stains, try a vinyl fence cleaner and a soft scrub brush, this should remove any natural stains. Be sure that you are using a "soft" scrub brush, stiff brushes are not required on vinyl fences and can scratch your fence with applied pressure. If you hang metal brackets on your vinyl fence it may 

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These vinyl fences are mostly made of a non porous material that makes cleaning very easy. This also adds to the durability of the fencing, as it will not crack through water freezing inside the grain. There are some maintenance projects that do require a little more work than a normal cleaning. Here are some steps to 

You can also use a soft brush, cloth, or sponge to work out stains. Scuffs can be removed using a soft cloth dipped in lacquer thinner; simply rub with the cloth until the scuff is gone and rinse the area with clean water. Although vinyl and PVC fences are resistant to moisture, they can still harbor mildew growth. To remove 

Another product characteristic of vinyl is that minor scratches don't show or lead to bigger problems. With metal, scratches can expose a product to the elements, allowing rust to set in. Likewise, scratches on wood can expose it to accelerated degradation, more swelling and harmful insect infestations.

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Vinyl fence can provide privacy, protection and increase your property values. Plus, it's virtually maintenance free. Vinyl fencing will not chip, fade, rot, rust, or peel and it never needs staining. Vinyl fencing also has smooth surfaces so children and pets won't get splinters, scratches, or cuts since there are no surface screws, 

Q. What will a weed eater do to my vinyl fence? A. Direct contact with any lawn equipment can damage vinyl, aluminum or wood products. Use caution when operating equipment that could scratch your fence.

If you want to make sure your dog is truly secure, or you already know that your dog is prone to digging, you'll have to put some below-ground defenses in place when installing your new vinyl fence. There's no one way to keep a dog from digging under a fence. Digging is an instinctive behavior and it can be tough to curb.

Here are a few more things you should know about keeping your vinyl fence in good shape. Watch the Heavy Sometimes lacquer thinner can remove the offending marks, but it's better not to put them there in the first place if you can avoid it. Weed whackers can actually scratch the surface of your vinyl.

Vinyl scratches easily, dulling the sheen; Panels can crack if hit by a hard blow (such as from a baseball bat); Rust, tar and other stains may be hard to remove. What to look for. Choose a vinyl fence that has a metal-reinforced bottom rail. It'll support the weight of the panels without sagging. We recommend 100 percent pure 

PVC is also becoming very popular as an exterior trim around a house. This trim is easy to install and does not warp, rot or rust like other trims when exposed to the outdoors. It is flexible and does not need to be stained or painted. Over time, PVC can get scratches and other small marks. There is a way to help cover up the