what to use in place of railing on retaining wall

Cut the existing fence out in pieces, preserving as many of its original vertical support posts as you can. Instead of solid 6x6 lumber, use four pieces of 2x4 lumber in a square, and secure them tightly to the original posts. You might also be able to design a special pentagonal support this way that would work well in the 

Building codes require railings on structures that exceed a set height, usually 2 feet. Railings may need to be installed on retaining walls for safety. Aluminum fences are light construction, reducing the load that bears on the wall, and the prefabricated panels are simple to install and built to code. Outdoor 

DIST. REVISIONS. TxDOT. TxDOT. JTR. MPM. HIGHWAY. SHEET NO. C TxDOT. TRAFFIC RAILING. RETAINING WALL. CONT rwstde03.dgn. March 2010 . length between anchor slab. Min. Cast-in-place. 7. •. " e m b e d. (#5) at 8". 1. 3 •". 3. 2. 2 shown on railing sheet. this bar to match steel. Size and spacing of. 9. " M.

TTT Timber Retaining Wall Rails. Rails are rough sawn, available with or without two arrised edges, Grade. SG6 or SG8 as per retaining wall summary. Each rail is fixed to the rear face of each pole with 2/HDG. FH nails with 50mm minimum penetration. Rails continuous over two or more spans with joints staggered over 

upon for any application without verification of accuracy, suitability and applicability for the use contemplated, which is the sole responsibility of the user. A final, project-specific design should be prepared by a qualified, licensed, professional engineer based on actual site conditions. VERSA-LOK. Retaining Wall Systems 

How bout a deck instead? just kidding. I'm not a engineer, but I can't see it being a big deal with the structural integrity of the wall. For starters, how deep will the rails have to be? If the rails are set through the cap, and into the blocks, I can't imagine needing to go much deeper that 3-4 blocks at the most.

compound. 6"shall be plugged with concrete or slab joint sealing. If forming material is not left in place, the bottom submit an alternative method to the Engineer for approval. To be Cast-In-Place with Coping or the Contractor may. Contractor. to proprietary retaining wall system used by the. Rail connection to coping and inlet 

Divisional letter dated 13 May 2013 about the best practice guidance on wall maintenance and construction that already exists.

A concrete retaining wall is the perfect solution to control erosion, to eliminate a hard-to-mow slope or to add a planting bed. These systems are easy to install, durable, reasonably priced and available in a variety of colors and textures. . If your wall borders a sidewalk or deck, you may need a code compliant rail. Contact 

There are several options for installing fences and guide rails on top of an Allan Block retaining wall. The structure and wind loads of the materials used will determine the placement of the fence relative to the retaining wall and if additional reinforcement is required. Refer to the approved plans for construction details.

3) Please comment about core mounting, side mounting and direct mounting. When installing fences/rails/guardrails it is important to have enough post embedded in the ground or weight keeping the fence secured to the retaining wall. There are alternatives for placing fences/rails/guardrails on SRWs: Away from the face of 

RETAINING WALL. Square or Round timber posts treated against decay to H5 standard. For a 1.2 metre high wall the posts are 2.4 metres long. You will need one post spacing i.e. 2.6 metres long. Using. Ex150 mm wide material you will need 8 rails for every 2.6 metre length of wall. 150 mm hot-dipped galvanised nails.

Historic railings such as used alongside a retaining wall in the street should be retained and not replaced with modern standard rail. Figure 6 Historic railing should be retained. The alternatives. It is incumbent on street designers to find alternatives to guard rails and design out the causes of needing it. This involves not.

Details about guard railing designs, codes & requirements for use at retaining walls are here at RETAINING WALL GUARDRAIL CODES. As detailed in Best . You'll also notice that some communities allow simplified guard railings along retaining walls, using cables in place of (safer) vertical balusters spaced 4" on center.

Will somebody please enlighten me. I know that I've seen somewhere recently that a railing is required if a retaining wall is a certain height. Am I c. Charles the same rules apply to decks if they are more than 24 inches high, a fall of at least that requires a guard rail according to here.

Re: handrail on pavers and retaining walls. We don't do a lot of exterior metal railings. I prefer wet setting stainless. If I must do plain steel or Al, I like to use plate and anchors, using stainless screws into the anchors. That way when they fail they are not too hard to take apart and replace.