where can i buy depron sheet in kenya

I get mine from the local model shop. ?4.50 a sheet for 6mm and ?3 for 3mm. However it might be worth asking around if you are a member of a club as you can packs of 20 sheets from eBay slightly cheaper. You might find some others to share a pack with. Personally I prefer the white stuff. I think its easier 

EPP stands for expanded polypropylene. It is very tough and when bent it resists breaking making it perfect for model plane construction. EPP also retains its shape if torn and the two pieces can be glued back together without noticing the torn area. eBay!

Fli-Power ValueXPS! Check out this new, value packaged foam from Fli-Power. Depron: Get it while it lasts! The Depron we currently have in stock is the last Depron available for the hobby industry. RC Foam Airplane Kits! RCFoam offers foam airplane kits from six different developers. We also offer complete Power Combo 

What is Depron ? Depron foam is a closed cell polystyrene sheet. It is extremely lightweight, moisture resistant. Developed for Floor Insulation, now has a wide to buy online direct from Depronfoam:- Buy Online Here. Paypal. This Depron site only supplies genuine Depron Don't be fooled into substitutes. Depron Jets 

I was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area knows where to get foam board and if so could guide me to your foamy sources! Thank you! We have been selling Depron for ages on the Sunshine Coast. www.rcfoamfly.com. $22 a sheet. Foamboard with the paper coating tends to bubble and warp when