wood composite boat panels in new zealand

Fibreglass/glass reinforced plastic (GRP) went on to transform boat building from a small-scale enterprise steeped in wood and tradition to what is rapidly becoming a commodity industry. Today even median earners can aspire to a new Jeanneau, Beneteau, Bavaria etc. Workboat numbers have multiplied alongside the 

Example: - Carpenter - New Home Builder - Building Contractor - Renovation or. Extension Builder Specifier or Designer Example: - Architect - Interior Designer - Construction Engineer - Draftsman Trade or Manufacturer Example: - Cabinet Maker - Postformer - Shopfitter / Joiner - RV Manufacturer - Solid Surface Fabricator

of timber to build boats from, and the Hokianga Harbour in Northland became the ship-building centre because of its large stands of native kauri trees which lined the harbour's shores. Virtually all boats built in New Zealand before the advent of modern composites were made of kauri, a straight-grained and flexible wood.

Vacuum bags and other vacuum gear are supplied by Vacuum and Blowing Services Ltd. (VABS, Auckland, New Zealand). After demolding, the surfaces are sandblasted and painted or surfaced with wood veneer. Similar fabrication methods are used for bunks, bulkheads, doors, steps, tables, hatches and other panel-type 

New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2017. National Certificate in Boatbuilding (Level 4) with strands in Marine. Cabinetmaking, Composite Sparmaking, Alloy Boatbuilding, Marine. Rigging, Interior and Exterior Marine Painting, Composite Boatbuilding,. Steel Boatbuilding, Wooden Boatbuilding, Marine Systems 

A valuable 200-year-old waka (Maori canoe) caught fire in New Zealand in June 2014 when restorers left rags piled overnight. Sheet plywood boat building uses sheets of plywood panels usually fixed to longitudinal long wood such the chines, inwhales (sheer clamps) or intermediate stringers which 

Tooltip. Boat builders build, repair, fit out and sometimes design boats and marine components. opportunities. Job opportunities. Chances of getting a job as a boat builder are good due to increased demand for boats. . of a boat frame. Boat builders work with wood, composites and metals to build boats 

ATL Composites has been manufacturing WEST SYSTEM epoxy products in New Zealand and Australia, under licence to Gougeon Brothers Inc, USA, since 1977. Developed specifically for boat building, boat repairs and the marine industry, and internationally marketed for over 40 years, WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a 

As we all know the New Zealand weather can be quite unpredictable which can be costly when your project is on the dry dock. Cut down on your Our skilled, qualified tradesmen have a wide range of knowledge from working on traditional wooden boats through to modern composite GRP or alloy vessels. At the Whitianga 

Plywood & Wood Panels. Plywood stocks are extensive and one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand. Thicknesses vary from 2.7mm to 32mm and sheet sizes vary from 1200x1200mm to 3100x1500mm - including standard sheets of 2400x1200mm as well as 2700x1200mm and 3000x1200mm. Inventory includes: 

Using industry-leading technology and advanced composite adhesives, Buccaneer Boats are able to manufacture a full stern-to-bow fibreglass hull liner (hull-within-a-hull with foam filling). The end result is a rigid hull with minimal wood in the construction; significantly increasing the boat's longevity and giving a quieter and 

NZ Composites supply the highest quality material available for construction to custom and production marine projects. We offer Custom built fibre reinforcement material to meet and optomise specific panel weights and thicknesses in E-Glass, S and R-Glass, High Strength, Std , Intermediate, High and Ultra High Modulus