wood decking cost per square meter australia

Timber decks cost approximately $100-$450 or more per sqaure metre depending on factors such as type, availability, aesthetic value, and location. However, treated pine is the least expensive of them all. Composite decks cost between $50 $150 per square metre, depending on texture, strength, and 

Boral Decking. A hardwood timber deck provides a way to enhance any home, garden, commercial or retail property. A hardwood timber deck creates a comfortable, attractive and flexible feature that can be added to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or even waterside site.

PEAK DECK Available in 136 x 32mm for $125 per square metre. BLACKBUTT DECKING Available in 65 x 19mm for $55 per square metre. SPOTTED GUM V- Available now at Ironwood Australia in wide boards, southern hardwood mixed creams for only $110 gst per m2. Australian Forestry Standard, PEFC timber.

Timber decking services cost approximately $180/m2, but prices can still change depending on things like the size of the deck or the kind of wood being used. Expect to pay Although it's common for decking specialists to charge on a per-square metre basis, there are also those who provide hourly rates. The average 

new living space will cost? Enter your data into our simple online cost calculator to estimate an approximate figure. Please provide your details and submit the form to make an appointment with us to obtain a more accurate quote. Decking; Pergola; Handrails and Balustrades. Area to be decked in m2. 5. Subframe per m2.

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This deck cost calculator allows you to estimate the cost of your deck by combining the cost of materials, labour, site conditions and size. Once these factors are The default of $220 per square metre is an estimate for roofs constructed from insulated sandwich panels. Add Merbau Hardwood Posts 100x100mm: ea.

$320 per square metre for hardwood timber decking. The default of $200 per square metre is an estimate for roofs Rough price per m2 for standard decking to be installed how much does a deck cost build (qld australia)? Price square metre of renovate forums. About 90 per to give you a general idea, the 

The initial layout cost may be higher, but the maintenance costs are extremely low. The prices can be approximately 50% more per linear metre ($10 or $100 per square metre) for composite decking (though this difference depends on the natural wood type too). This can seem to be a poor deal, but in the